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It is all about you!

I am not specializing in one community, neither am I specializing in one type of property or even in one specific area but rather, over the last 24 years, I have been specializing in serving a French speaking clientele desiring to pursue the dream of owning their place in the Florida sun.

My clients have different needs: oceanfront and intracoastal condos, golf garden apartments, coach houses, marina townhouses, 55+ condos or single family homes, income properties and much more, the architectures as well as the prices vary tremendously. My task is to find what will work best for you!

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The purchase of a Florida property is a journey in itself and even my most savvy and experienced clients quickly realize how eager they are to hold someone’s hand. This is where my services are so different from a typical local Realtor.

Oftentimes, my clients know very little about the different geographical areas, cities, communities potentially available to them. Add to that, different types of real estate products, multitude of communities each offering their own amenities and being subjected to number of Rules & Regulations (IE: rentals and pets restrictions) and you can see why the process can quickly become overwhelming.

Being a Realtor to foreigners is understanding that your needs will require services above and beyond the usual. At times I will be your “Tour Guide” and sometimes somewhat of a “Concierge”, "before during and after" we have concluded your transaction.

Everything is in the experience you will be provided: all Realtors have access to the same data, it is all about the process itself. Ultimately, it is the expertise, experience, qualifications and dedication to service and even personality of your selected Realtor which will make the difference for you as a consumer.

Once a Quebecker, always a Quebecker, it is far more than a language, it is the knowledge of a culture, the ability to read between the lines and understand what matters to you!

Choosing your Realtor is choosing the type of experience you wish to have: choose carefully - as you would a traveling companion.